Thursday, October 11, 2007

610,000-mile '71 Corolla in Hemmings!

As if we needed more proof that vintage Japanese cars outlast, well, just about anything else on the road, Hemmings Motor News reports in their November issue about Vic Pike and his '71 Corolla Coupe, which he bought new.

Looking a little worse for wear today (as usual, the mechanical components seem to have held up better than the body), Pike's Corolla has covered 610,000 miles. We like his style: "At 182,823 miles...I replaced the brake discs and shoes, and those are still in the car. I use the brakes very little; I'll broadside a corner rather than braking", Vic writes.

However, his Corolla is looking rather worse for wear than the Guinness Book of World Records' official high-mileage king, Irv Gordon's '66 Volvo P1800, whose odometer has surpassed 2,500,000 miles. Apparently, those Swedes really had build quality figured out back then!

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