Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SEMA: Bigger is Better (Day 1)

When it comes to the American automotive ethos, it's pretty much like everything else out here in the Land of the Free: Bigger is Better!

Perhaps no other event exemplifies this mentality more than the annual SEMA orgy in Las Vegas....

From the bazooms on the models, to the dubs on the show cars, just about everything is large, chromed up, iced out, and in questionable taste.

The Halloween-themed WRX in the Subaru display was...ummm...whimsical:

But there are some diamonds in the rough. You just have to walk around all day to find them. This Lowrider-themed Camry, dubbed the "Camryder", was definitely one of the coolest concepts I saw yesterday...this thing was totally sweet. Check out the door detail!

And I even ran into X-Games superstar and Subaru factory rally driver Travis Pastrana, who was signing autographs alongside his brand new WRX rally car. Pity that I didn't have time to wait in line for the autographed poster! At least he was cool enough to pose for a photo.

And here's his new ride:

More to come...

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