Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meguiar's Car Crazy: J-Style Has Arrived!

I don't get to see myself on TV very often, so it was with some trepidation that I watched my own blabbering mug telling the world why old Japanese cars are so cool via the Speed Channel. At least I had some sweet AE86s courtesy of my Club J-RWD friends to serve as a backdrop.

Barry Meguiar is a guy who really has his fingers on the pulse of just about everything that's exciting in the car world, so it was a real honor to have his Car Crazy film crew with us last July at Motoring J Style.

I was curious to see what would come of that, and the result was a wonderful half-hour program giving an overview of the Japanese Collector Car scene as it is today. The show included footage from Motoring J Style, the 2007 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, and the 2007 Toyota Owners and Restorers Club (TORC) show. In addition to interviewing me, Barry interviewed Koji and Terry Yamaguchi, founders of the annual JCCS show. We were in good company, as he also quizzed Jay Leno about his Mazda Cosmo Sport on the same episode!

Best part of the show? Koji Yamaguchi's response when asked about his affinity for his 1977 RA28 Toyota Celica: "Because it looked like MUSTANG!".

Unfortunately, it seems the episode won't be re-aired in the immediate future, but you can cruise on over to for some bonus video shot at the TORC show. Click to see the video here.

Thanks again Barry and the entire Car Crazy crew!

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