Wednesday, November 7, 2007

'82 Corolla Levin on Craigslist: I Would Rock This!

Was very surprised to see this '83 Corolla Liftback turned Levin show up on the SF Bay craigslist site. I have seen this car before (either at TORC or at the JCCS show in Long Beach) and I can tell you, it is stunning.

If an '83 Corolla can be called a show stopper, this is it.

I could be mistaken, but I believe PJ Bonifacio did the body and paint on this car. The two-tone doesn't show up well in these photos - see below photo. Someone please stop me before I can't help it and overdraw my checking account by a few g's.

If I didn't already have 4 or 5 mid-80s Corollas all needing smog, I'd be all over this like pigs in sh*t. Someone please buy this!

This car is sick!

Here's the link

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