Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More SEMA: Honda HF-S Concept

Honda always puts themselves out there for SEMA, and this year was no exception. Stealing the show in their booth this year was the new HF-S Concept, which basically looked like what a homologation special of an Accord would be should such a thing ever exist. It had some carbon fiber doodads on the bodywork, rear diffuser and all that jazz, to create "functional performance and driving experience enhancements", according to Honda's press release.

Some of the specifics were a bit vague. Take this sentence: "Key to the concept is the use of technology to electronically customize throttle response, suspension settings, steering boost, and and traction involvement to the driver's taste." What technology, you ask? We're not really sure; apparently they wanted to keep that part a secret. And traction involvement? No word on what that is, either.

However, we thought the car looked great, and it definitely gets the Motoring J Style nod of approval. Keep 'em coming, Honda!

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