Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nissan's Treasure Trove

We like it when OEMs have respect for and actively try to preserve their heritage. Some companies are more proactive in this regard. Mercedes-Benz, for example, has chosen to go all out with their relatively new, breathtaking museum in Stuttgart. It's well known that the Germans are all about milking their heritage for all it's worth...ever seen a Porsche commercial?

The Japanese are also taking their history seriously, but it seems to be a bit more low key in the Land of the Rising Sun...for Nissan at least. Apparently they like to keep their collection on the d/l. However, a really lucky guy over at twinturbo.net got to visit the "off limits, restricted" Zama storage facility where Nissan houses one of just about every Datsun or Nissan car you could ever dream of wanting in a very clean, yet sober and nondescript warehouse.

Imagine rows upon rows of prewar Datsuns in every conceivable color and body style, pristine brand new Z31 and Z32 300Zs, battle scarred ex-works rally Bluebirds (510s), battle scarred '58 Datsun 210 rally cars, the original Prince R380-I sports racer, a Nissan R390 road car, even a 1964 Gloria Super 6 racing car. Sunny, Cherry, Skyline, Cedric, the list goes on! We're not kidding.

You won't believe it until you see it for your own eyes. Check out the full collection of pictures over at twinturbo.net here.

Thanks to my friend Tom Matano for the tip!

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