Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Astonishing Onboard F1 Rain Action from Fuji

While I must admit I missed the live broadcast of this year's Japanese Grand Prix, it's great to have roommates watching out for you.

Courtesy of my roommate Mike is this incredible in-car footage depicting the battle for 6th place between Felipe Massa's Ferrari and Robert Kubica's BMW Sauber. Prepare to be amazed:

via videosift.com

You might think Robert Kubica would have cooled it after the horrifying 75G accident he had in Canada earier this year. Not so much...

While this was only the battle for sixth, it shows how far some drivers are willing to go to win that extra championship point. In any case, what a treat to see some F1 drivers actually racing wheel to wheel, and not just in the pits.

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z0iid said...

thats nuts! wish i had the balls to drive like that.