Monday, April 14, 2008

BRE Datsun 510 T/A Package Street Car Listed at $65k!

Some of you might remember this car from several months ago when it was listed on eBay and sold for a top bid of $13,000. The story went that this was essentially the prototype vehicle for a proposed Datsun factory program to offer a BRE Trans-Am lookalike street car turnkey from the dealer. The first seller recounted that the program never really got off the ground and people who wanted to customize their 510s instead went through BRE/Interpart independently. He was apparently the liason between BRE and Nissan in trying to launch this program.

This may be the only legitimate factory-produced BRE 510 street car, and as such, it's a pretty significant vehicle. The car itself has a number of tasty modifications, including a purportedly factory limited slip, "BRE suspension package", 5-speed gearbox, and a host of BRE accessories and badging from the period. We really like that it's presented with original factory marketing materials and other memorabilia.

When presented originally, the car was needing some putting together and dusty from sitting in storage practically since new. After all, it shows just shy of 8000 miles on its odometer! It looks like absolutely nothing has been done to the car since last time it was presented on eBay, except the price has gone up by about 600%...kind of amusing after reading on JNC's blog today about Datsun 510 futures.

We're curious to see what happens with this one, as it seems to be a sign of things to come.

Find it here on eBay, offered as a pair with a strange yellow 240Z, for $65,000 with reserve not met. Buy It Now for $79k!


sekc sylva said...

hey i live in hawaii & i own two 510 datsuns a 1970 & 73 might be another one of these real deal BRE's cause my whole car is fiberglass with true bre look & roll cage all steel braided lines from trunk to engine bay electrical is done super solid still in mint condition no motor..but i plan 2 build it like never before my 70 has a L20b bored +30 over...selling the 1970 let me know how i could really find out if this 73 of mines is a real Bre cause it sure looks & seems like it..aloha

sekc sylva said...
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