Tuesday, April 15, 2008

World's Best '81 Isuzu I-Mark Could Be Yours

eBay Motors is just such a wonderful tool. As my father says, it's "the Hemmings that never ends". Aside from being a source of constant procrastination in the workplace, eBay offers a forum where otherwise unloved vehicles can actually command a decent price. I saw a Renault LeCar sell for close to $5000 once...it's amazing what happens when the audience is global.

Well-preserved cars just seem to come out of the woodwork, and this very rare 1981 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel is no exception. Unfortunately, "rare" doesn't always translate to "desirable" or "valuable", but this fairly attractive diesel I-Mark has got to be the best survivor of this model. Keep in mind that 1981 was the year Isuzu entered the U.S. passenger car market, so this I-Mark represents the company's initial effort to win over American consumers. And I must say it's a fairly attractive car....Japan's Opel Manta, if you will. And what a run the I-Mark had! It wasn't until 2008 that an '89 I-Mark RS nailed the coffin shut for Isuzu in the tragic Motoring J Style 24 Hours of LeMons Gold Leaf Team Lotus Disaster.

But, let's remember the good times...how about that 3-spoke sports steering wheel? I find this interior much more attractive than most Japanese car interiors of the 80s (especially for crap-tastic 1981!). It looks very European and sophisticated. Oh, Isuzu, how promising you looked then...

Find it here on eBay with a Buy It Now of $3,500!

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Daniel said...

You like the Isuzu I-Mark ? Check out Google Picture search for "Kadett C-Coupe"

The Isuzu is more or less rebatched "Opel Kadett C" chassis with a isuzu engine.

Remembers me of my old car ( http://www.hijet.de/~daniel/temp/kadett-c-limo-2.jpg ), but that was the limosine model, not the coupe.