Tuesday, March 4, 2008

75 Mpg in a Geo Metro

Back in 1993, Doug Heffron took an ’89 Geo Metro with a 3 cylinder Suzuki motor (very similar to the JDM Suzuki Cultus) and created a tandem seat streamliner. By narrowing the cockpit and removing extra weight, he pulled about 300lbs out of the Metro. The result was this 75mpg commuter (up from a high of 58mpg on the stock version) which he drove for two years. Heffron was a machinist and welder in the Army, maintaining medivac helicopters. In civilian life, he’s a mechanic for Anheuser Bush, and it was his 50 mile commute that inspired him to build the streamliner. He spent three years researching and designing the streamliner, even sculpting his concept in clay models. Not including his time, the mods cost about $1300 back in ’93, and he spent about ten weeks sawing, and doing the sheetmetal. He even cut the glass for the windshield himself. Heffron put his Metro into storage two years after creating it, but with gas prices on the rise, he may just want to bring it back out this summer. Check out Doug's Metro


Anonymous said...

I want to know if it is legal on US Highways? And if so, what would it take to talk him in to building one for me?

Angel said...

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Unknown said...

The website for this car has been moved. Its now www.dougheffron.com and the site even shows other invetions made by Doug Heffron