Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy Precise Alignment on the new Nissan GTR

Motoring J Style goes behind the scenes in the making of Nissan's new GTR.

One of the more unique processes of the GTR is the high precision alignment it gets as it is assembled. Before the parts hit the assembly line, the axle shop assembles the rear subframe with the rear transmission/transaxle unit, the suspension arms, uprights, and rotors and then mounted to an elaborate hydraulic cradle that sets the suspension at rideheight – simulating the weight of the car so that two technicians can setup the alignment specs with race car precision on a laser guided tool before the piece is mounted in the car. This ensures that the wheel alignment is precise before the parts go into the car, and it’s checked again after the brake-pad transmission shakedown on every car. Comfortable 300kph cruising is serious business, and razor sharp alignment specs ensure that all production versions are as capable as the test cars.

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