Friday, March 21, 2008

Found on eBay: 1973 Datsun 610 Wagon

While there's a major cult following for Datsuns like the 510 and the 240Z, there are others that go relatively unnoticed and pretty much unloved. Think B210, 310GX, the late, crap-tastic 510 (1978-83), and the truly horrific 1977-1979 200SX (S10).

One of the better less well known Datsuns is the 610 model line, a slightly upscale offering designed to woo the buyers of American cars who sought a larger, more comfortable car than a 510, that still offered 4-cylinder fuel economy. It was a nice package offered in several body styles, initially offered with the L18 (1800cc) motor and later offered with the L20 motor (most of which have found their way into 510 engine bays over the last 30 years).

In fact, 610s enjoyed some of the competition successes that the more celebrated 510-s achieved, being campaigned by guys like Bob Sharp. You can check out pictures of Bob Sharp's racing 610 2-door here.

The factory 4-speed wagon pictured here is hardly a race car, but it represents a rare model and an interesting footnote in classic Datsun history. This example is preserved but not a show car, and is offered on eBay here at a $2500 opening bid with no reserve. Full disclosure: we are the sellers of this 610.

Check it out!


That 80's Guy said...

hey im looking to buy a Datsun B-610

The wagon version

let me know if you can lead me to onw


That 80's Guy said...


Jason Carpp said...

Sweet looking car. I've always liked old-school Japanese cars. Particularly Datsuns and Toyotas. I'd buy a Datsun 610 wagon if there are still any left in running condition. The better the condition, the better.