Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clean Stock 1971 Toyota Celica on eBay

There are only 13 hours left on this fairly clean and stock 1971 Celica ST on eBay -
The buy it now price is 6,500. It will be interesting to watch - it's not as desirable as a GT version, but it does have the manual transmission and doesn't appear to have suffered from the advances of rust. Judging by the multiple Celicas in the background, the seller probably knows the cars well.

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David Swig said...

Note also that this is a first-year Celica...definitely a rarity! I'm not so much a fan of the vinyl top or the rubber trim down the sides, but this is most definitely a period piece. Would be a great car for events like the California Melee, New Year's Day Anti Football Run, etc..

Also, we feel these early Celicas have serious investment potential! Grab this one!