Saturday, February 9, 2008

Japanese Custom Vans

Bosozoku is a term that refers to “motorcycle hooligans” is also loosely attached to extreme custom vans and cars. Why haven’t we seen any kind of crossover here? Custom vans rode a wave of popularity in the US in the seventies, and where there’s nostalgia there’ll be a comeback (The Don't Come Knockin' website)

But on this side of the Pacific we just haven’t taken the bodywork to the extremes of Japanese custom vans. And while the bodywork is way out there, the murals are exquisitely detailed and, well, sort of predictable. Regardless, I think we need to see a few of these on the streets once in a while.

There are even retro-kits for current minivans – but again, these really haven’t made it big over here.

Until we catch up, we're left with stuff like this:


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