Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crazy El Salvadorian Datsun Racers!

There are some things that we in the United States just miss out on, perhaps because we're such a litigious society. Like open-track Sundays at the Nurburgring, for example, where 18-year-old German punks in their modded E30s chase down Hayabusas and GSX-Rs sans helmet and often without common sense.

While we all know Europeans get all the good stuff that we don't, who knew that El Salvadorians engage in such fantastic Datsun hoonage? Here we see a standing-start all Datsun race comprising about 25 cars, everything from Sunny Pickups to 1200s and 510s. It appears to be a handicap race, with all the Sunny pickups starting at the front, and the presumably faster 510s at the back of the grid. Wish we had more of this video, but it's a good taste of what they're all about down there.

Thanks to Fabrizio of theAlfa Bulletin Board for the tip!

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