Monday, February 25, 2008

Meyers' Mazda, a premonition of the RX7

Dick Meyers, a freight company executive attended the LA Autoshow in 1972 and was smitten with a showcar designed by Sergio Coggiola based on the Volvo 1800ES Coupe. Meyers was an RX2 fan – he bought one of the first ‘71’s when it came out and liked everything about the car. He commissioned Chuck Porter to build a car based on the RX2 with a shape similar to the Volvo 1800ESC showcar. Porter, known for race cars, show cars and movie cars put about 2000 hours into the project. Everything on the car was made from scratch or modified, bar the dash, motor, and tranny. These shots were taken by Joe Rusz (still with R&T magazine) in 1973, when the car was first finished. Little did Meyers know that the RX7 was just around the corner, but I’m sure he liked his Mazda sports car better anyway.

Below, the Coggiola styled Volvo prototype that inspired Meyers.

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