Thursday, February 21, 2008

Japanese Iron at Chuck's Trucks

Highway 70 snakes along the bucolic Feather River canyon on the west side of the California Sierras. On last year’s Alpine 500 rally (the successor will be run this year as the Snowball Rally) the route passed Chuck’s Trucks. It could be Arkansas, or the rural California mountains – but some of the inventory strongly suggested we were closer to foreign car country. It was Sunday, and Chuck wasn’t around but most of the rally participants stopped to take a peak. Among the American iron, and a corner of Citroens representing France, were several Datsun 411’s and others from the land of the rising sun. Enjoy… and if you see something you like, everything is for sale. Just don’t open the doors without Chuck’s permission.

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Reza said...

Where is Chucks trucks? I have looked all over? Need 411 parts!