Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MJS Award Winning Datsun PL411 For Sale

Stumbled across this familiar Datsun PL411 "Bluebird" during my morning craigslist search. I say familiar because this very car was displayed at the 2007 Motoring J Style show, where we awarded it an "Outstanding Car" award. 411s don't get nearly as much love as Roadsters, Zs, and 510s, but we think they're great little cars with very svelte European looks and a decent background in small-bore production car racing overseas.

This one, with its original California black plates, Libra wheels, and lacking its front bumper, truly has some presence. You can smirk at Alfa Giulia Super owners all day long (though you'll probably get smoked).

At $4900, it may be priced a little over the market at this time, but that will change. This would be a great car to prepare for vintage racing with CSRG's proposed "Slow Cars" class.

Find it on craigslist here!

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