Thursday, February 14, 2008

The True Meaning of "Fine Dime Brizzles"

This is one for the ages. We knew comedian Adam Carolla liked old Datsuns...but Snoop Dogg? The aging rapper from the LBC recently released the cover art for his new album, "Ego Trippin", which will drop in mid-March. While you might expect the DO double-G to be reppin a lo'ed '64 Impala, 'doin it the Cali way, Snoop is keepin it real with some real Mo J style. And when this album drops, you better believe old Datsuns are going to ride a new wave of popularity.

What does this all mean? A few months ago, the guys at Auto-Otaku posted an article on vintage Japanese cars as a fashion statement, prompted by the inclusion of an early 70s Corolla (looks to be a TE27 Mango?) in a JC Penney print ad.

JC Penney may not be the biggest name in fashion these days, but Snoop hangs with David Beckham and you can't argue with that (they even went to Roscoe's together!).

What is the world coming to?

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